Seniors Protest HSRA Bill 2017

Last Chance to Take Action on HSRA!

The Homeless Services Reform Act (HSRA) will be finalized next Tuesday. There are still many problems with the bill that the Council should fix before moving it forward. See today’s blog for our top 10 reasons to #votenoHSRAbill and our top 10 fixes:

How can you help?

ü Call Councilmember Brianne Nadeau at (202) 724-8181. (She’s the chair of the committee that moved this bill forward.) Ask her how this bill helps anyone who is homeless. Ask her to fix it or vote against it.

ü Call Councilmember Anita Bonds at (202) 724-8064 and make sure she supports Trayon White’s Rapid re-housing amendment this time around.

ü Email the full DC Council with this 1-click action that you almost definitely haven’t already done (it’s new!).

ü Spread the word!

o   Share the attached new flyer in your office, in your communities.

o   Post the 1-click action on FB.

o   Tweet the 1-click action out.

o   Send the 1-click action to your neighborhood list serves.

ü Tweet storm tomorrow! Use #VoteNoHSRAbill. Sample tweets attached or retweet or retool our tweets (@washlegalclinic).

ü Come to the vote on December 5 at 10AM. It’s in Room 500 of the Wilson building: 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW. (Metro Center/Federal Triangle trains; P6, 50s, and 60s buses)

See Youtube Video:

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